Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit

Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit simplifies integrations between SharePoint and other solutions, platforms and languages, e.g. PHP, Java, Objective-C and so on. It provides a set of standards for querying and transferring list and library data using standard SQL syntax and Camelot XML via self-hosted WCF services.

The toolkit is based on the Camelot .NET Connector for Microsoft SharePoint.


The purpose with this toolkit is to speed up integration between SharePoint and other solutions and applications on any platform. The Camelot XML format is a simple, easily readable and editable format that can be parsed in any programming language.

Services, Plugins and Plugin Automation

Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit includes a self-hosted WCF service, the Camelot SharePoint Integration Service, which allows querying SharePoint (via the connector) from any remote host. This service was previously known as Camelot WCF Service.

Methods currently implemented in the WCF Service

  • DownloadFile: download file from SharePoint document library
  • UploadFile: upload file to a SharePoint document library
  • ExecuteCamelotXml: executes SQL query and returns the results in CamelotXml format
  • ExecuteNonQuery: executes SQL query without returning any result (typically used with UPDATE, INSERT or UPDATE commands)
  • ExecuteScalar: executes SQL query and returns the value of the first column in the first row of the result set
  • GetListCamelotXml: same as ExecuteCamelotXml, but instead of providing the SQL query, this method only takes the name of a SharePoint list and view

Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit currently ships with the following plugins

  • MySQL Dump
  • MySQL Dump Restore
  • Camelot XML Pusher
  • Camelot XML to Disk
  • Camelot XML to FTP
  • CSV Tools
  • CSV to Disk
  • Document Library to Disk

Any of these plugins can be automated by setting up the Service Tasks that are provided by default by the Toolkit.

An example of this could be to export all contents of a Document Library to a network share every second day or to send all content of a certain SharePoint list to a MySQL database every third hour.  


  • A valid license of the Camelot .NET Connector installed on the same server that will be running the Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit


Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit is open souce software and licensed under New BSD License


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