Camelot Joomla Tools for SharePoint

Bendsoft Camelot Joomla Tools is a collection of versatile Joomla! Components and Modules that gives you the possibility to use SharePoint, list content in Joomla! The integration goes both ways and it’s equally easy to select data as it is to insert, update or delete.

Camelot .NET Connector connectivity

You need either a SharePoint web part that is able to generate Camelot XML Packets from SharePoint or a WCF service that connect to SharePoint, like the Camelot SharePoint Integration Service.

These applications require the Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint with a valid license.


Camelot Joomla Tools is opensource software with dual licensing, GPLv3 and FreeBSD. You are free to choose which license you will abide and use, modify and distribute it as stated by the selected license. If you want to contribute any changes or add-ons please do so to

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