Capabilities and Benefits

Connect your .NET application with SharePoint 2007/2010

Camelot .NET Connector enables rapid integration from external applications by providing a standard programming interface for reading and writing data in any SharePoint 2007/2010 server. Anyone with basic SQL experience and .NET skills can use the connector to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE data in SharePoint lists, views and document libraries. You will find that by using the connector you will save time and money, at the same time cutting your code down to the simpliest snippets.

The ADO.NET architecture that the connector is built on ensures that it can be used to create data sources for a large range of third party controls and products such as SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET Framework 3.5.

Simplify development in SharePoint

Camelot .NET Connector can easily be used in SharePoint development to simplify access to data stored in lists and views; this enables possibilites to create very powerful web parts and internal integration tools.

SharePoint as a data layer

Camelot .NET Connector enables new possibilities for using SharePoint as a smart data layer for both internal and external applications. The ADO.NET architecture simplifies communication across heterogeneous environments and your data can easily be made accessible through various interfaces such as .NET webservices.

Normalize development

By using Camelot .NET Connector the complete developing process becomes normalized and developers without prior knowledge of SharePoint can be productive from start. Web parts and integrations that uses the connector are dynamic and easy to maintain.


  • Quick learning process
  • Produce easy maintainable code
  • Use Standard SQL syntax to process SharePoint lists and views
  • No need for messy CAML queries and difficult data conversions
  • Rapidly integrate SharePoint and external systems
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